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Where() Select()

This post is quick intro for beginners. I’ll introduce you to 2 Linq methods Select and Where. We use those functions to manipulate data set. All 2 can be applied to all types implementing IEnumerable interface. It means that you can apply them to data retrieved from database (IQueryable), list (List/IList implements IEnumerable), arrays (which …

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Strings in C# – concatenating (joining) and splitting

As a programmer you’ll always have to deal with the strings. In this article you’ll learn the most basic string operations: concatenating/joining and splitting. Concatenating/joining strings Concatenation means that you append a one string at the end of another string. This happens directly or indirectly, but you should know that there are a few ways …

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ASP.NET CORE OWASP TOP 10 – Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross-site scripting (known also as XSS) is a type of attack aimed at web application users. Attacker injects client-side code (typically a JavaScript) into vulnerable web application in such a way that the script is run on on users browsers visiting vulnerable page. Imagine that you’ve build an web application allowing your users to send …

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