ASP.NET Core: Global exception handler middleware

Middleware is a piece of software that handles requests and responses in the middle of application pipeline. An example of built-in ASP.NET Core middleware is authentication component and response caching component. In this article I’ll show you how to create global exception handler using custom middleware component. This article will teach you how to create global exception handler which will save each uncaught exception into file. Later on, you can also use it to send exceptions to 3-rd party service like Raygun (but it is not included in this how-to) or to do anything else you want with that exception.

ASP.NET Core: extending built-in tag helpers

In this post I’ll show you how you can extend built-in tag helpers. What are tag helpers? Basically tag helpers are classes which take part in processing (or creating) HTML elements inside Razor views. You can create C# code which will target desired HTML and produce desired output. For more throughtout explanation see Introduction to Tag Helpers in ASP.NET Core Setup Before we begin, make sure that your setup is correct.

Feynman, programming, blogging

You’ve probably heard about Richard Feynman physicst and a Nobel price winner. Are you wondering what does he have to do with programming or blogging? I’ll explain it in a moment, but let’s start with one of the more interesting skills he had. He was nicknamed “The Great Explainer” because he could explain complex and difficult subjects to almost anyone. Feynman developed this skill in order to identify his own gaps in knowledge and understanding.